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Osaka University College of Medicine
Yoko Kawanishi
  • 방문대학 및 학과 Medical Law and Ethics, Yonsei University College of Medicine (Korea)
  • 방문기간 2017/08/06 ~ 2017/08/26

Experience through CAMPH workshop in Yonsei University

1) What you have learned and experienced through the program
Through 3-week Campus Asia program at Yonsei University, I learned the Korean medical system, laws, the cohort studies ongoing at Yonsei University, attended to APCPH 2017 which was held in Yonsei University Song-do Campus, from 16th-19th August. The on-site visit to a lot of institutions was interesting, where travelers cannot usually visit, such as Korea national institute for bioethics policy, Korea national institute for bioethics policy. The schedule included sight-seeing of DMZ tour and National Assembly visit, National Falk Museum. This experience showed the various aspect of the past and present of South Korea.

At APCPH 2017, it was good to hear the pre-workshop lecture about how to write and promote a good paper on public health issue, to meet people from Asia-Pacific area, to know the various problems in the area, from infertility program at developing countries, sexual education with religious restriction to declining birthrate at East Asian countries. (there were of course a lot of symposium about communicable/ non-communicable disease, SDGs).

During laboratory rotations, three students from Osaka University including me went to four departments of graduate school of public health. We heard the ongoing cohort study (how to build a cohort, management etc.), their resent research. Talking with a lot of eager graduate school students was also a good opportunity to know how Yonsei University offers them as a researcher. Unfortunately, I couldn’t meet those working on maternal and child health care at Yonsei University, my research interest, but I could still learn some about it.

In addition to lectures related to Public health, I enjoyed the Korean language class at Best Friend Korean Language School, provided by this program. With a cheerful Korean teacher and colleagues, I could finally come to read and use some Korean!

Everyone I met at Yonsei University, including every professor, students, a coordinator and students as interpreters, was sincere and enthusiastic with great hospitality to make this workshop interesting and meaningful. Overall, this workshop was a good start as an initiation of Campus Asia.

2) How this program helped with your career plan and education
At 4 departments of Graduate school of Public health, I met professors and graduate school students. The way they make a research plan including setting theme or making cohort, was really stimulating for me. I was determined to do as good research as them.

Feedback for Enhancement of the program and schedules.

There were plenty of programs interesting, but the lectures were a bit subjective.
I think it would be even better when there was a chance for discussion or group debate about the public health problems including the comparison of three countries. It would be also great, considering that there were a lot of students who are interested or dedicated in public health if there was a lecture about the basic of epidemiological analysis. The program was held at vacation period of Yonsei University and there was no official participant from Yonsei University, so it would be fabulous if there are Korean students too next time.