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Peking University Health Science Center
Yaqian Liu
  • 방문대학 및 학과 Medical Law and Ethics, Yonsei University College of Medicine (Korea)
  • 방문기간 2017/08/06 ~ 2017/08/19

Learning Report

I am very glad to be invited to participate in this two week project—CAMPUS Asia for Medical Science and Public Health. During this project, I have learned a lot and really enjoyed the life in Korea. We not only learn the things about Korean medical institution, but also go to visit some museums to acknowledge the Korean history. All of thm ive e memrable mmory and hlp me kno bout he orea.

By comparing the health system and health policy in Korea and China, I find that there are a lot of differences between the two countries. Th health system in Korea is more similar withthe system inAmerica. People are all included inthe social insurance. The insurance covered almost all of the disease, even the treatment of the cancer. This system help guarantee all people have the same opportunity to access the treatment when thy have diseases.

We hve ome ourses bout heAsian insitute for biothics nd halth lw, such as WHO and International Comparative Law, Medical Litigation anddispute settlement in Korea, Precision Medical and Life Medical Law, Patient safety and quality improvement in Korea. Through these courses, I have a deeper understand about the institute for bioethics and health law in Korea, and find a lot of things that we can improve inhina.

Through the course about Specialized ADR Process for Medical Disputes in the Republic of Korea, we learned about the civil dispute settlement process in Korea. There re two ways that peopl can choose to solve the problem. One way is litigation, and another way is choose one of the alternative dispute resolutions through compromise, mediation and arbitration. We also visit the Korea Medical Dispute Mediation and Arbitration Agency, which help solve the dispute between the patient and doctor. This organization not only help the patient, but also help the doctor. They solve the problem by researching the details, and give a fair result to patients and doctors. While the dtor-patient rlationship s s tight n hina t prsent, we shoud learn from the Korea system to help solve the bad relationship between doctors and patients in order to derease rte of violee toards doctors.

We also visit the National Bioethics Committee of Republic of Korea. The functions of this institution are following: (1)establishment of basic national policies on bioethics and biosafety; (2)affairs assigned to joint institutional bioethics committees;(3)exemption from the examination of a human subjects research project;(4)making and preservation of records and disclosure of information;(5)research for which it is permitted touseresidual embroys; (6)categories, subject-matter, and the scope of research;(7)research for which it is permitted to use embryonic stem cell lines;(8)exemption from the examination of research on human material;(9)restrictions on genetic test. This institution helps the development and support of bioethics policy in Republic of Korea, Ethical and moral consideration of biomedical technology development and expansion of bioethics consciousness and denotation.

I think we should learn from the Korea institution. While we still have many shortcomings in health system. We also visit the hospitals in Korea, which give me a certainly different feelings. The devices in Korea are more advanced and the technologies re lso ore dvanced. We should promote our mdical echnology. During the two weeks in Korea, we learned about a little Korean, which can be used inhe dily life. I find i is vy usful and e techer is ally nce. The last three days we participate in the APACPH 2017(The 49th Asia-Pacific Academic Consortium for Public Health Conference). The people from different countries gather together and discuss about the theme The Age of Shifting Paradigm- SDGs, New Approach for Public Health. I learned about different policies in different countries, and learn from each others. This conference helps me learn a lot, although I didn’t hav th opportunity to give pesentation.

I really learned a lot through this program, and find that I still have a lot things to learn. I hopethe thing I learn canhelp me to devote incompletingour system andpolicy. I also hope that I can go to the similar program again to learn more about the Korea health system.