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Tsinghua University School of Life Sciences
Shaojin Zhang
  • 방문대학 및 학과 Medical Law and Ethics, Yonsei University College of Medicine (Korea)
  • 방문기간 2017/08/13 ~ 2017/08/19

Report / Personal presentation contents format

I joined in four different labs for rotation during the workshop, through which I learned a lot of new knowledge and some practical skills on mouse experiments. The major research projects in these labs are tightly associated with human diseases, and I learned some new high-throughput techniques that can be applied to improve experimental efficiency. On the other hand, I also visited some national institutes or centers of Korea on human health and bioethics. The standardization of medical dispute mediation and life-sustaining treatments impressed me very much, and I think our country should learn to set up similar systems.

Through this program, I further realized the huge differences among different countries. This special experience encourages me to actively participate in more teamwork and cooperation among different cultures.
The current schedules are pretty good, and we can learn quite a lot of new and different things of Korea. Maybe we should add some more activities to enhance the communication and discussions among participants from different countries.