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Osaka University College of Medicine
Reiko Okada
  • 방문대학 및 학과 Medical Law and Ethics, Yonsei University College of Medicine (Korea)
  • 방문기간 2017/08/06 ~ 2017/08/26

Final Report

As a participant of “Campus Asia” program, I studied epidemiology and public health at Yonsei University from 8/6 to 8/26. In the program, I had a lot of experiences all of which helped me a lot.
On the first day of the program, we visited some facilities of Yonsei University, including SEVERANCE hospital, college of medicine, and ABMRC (Avison Biomedical Research Center).

In the first two weeks, I joined some lectures in the morning. The contents of the lecture had a wide variety; medical laws, bioethics, specific research method of epidemiology, etc.... Also in the afternoon, I visited some institutions related to the lecture. At the institutions, I could know the real situations, which have enhanced what we learned in the lecture.

At the end of the second week, I participated in Asia-Pacific Academic Consortium for Public Health Conference (APACPH) in Incheon. I learned not only current studies of public health, but also different ways of thinking there.
In the final week, I was able to visit various laboratories belonging to graduate school of public health, which have also helped me a lot. In addition, I had some opportunities to experience Korean culture like Korean Language School, Seoul city tour, DMZ tour, going sightseeing with other participants... These things made my experiences more forgettable.

Since I am an undergraduate student, I haven’t decided my specialty yet. However, I am interested in world health as well as clinical medicine, and thinking of becoming medical technical officer in addition to clinician or researcher as my career. Through this program, I wanted to get both broad perspective free from any prejudice and deep insight into the essence of the things.

As I had expected, learning at the Yonsei University affected me a lot. While I was impressed by the ways of studying in epidemiology, in which researchers listen to the people’s voice and analyze objectively, I also surprised at the Koreans health policy which was different from that of Japanese. In addition, discussion with people who have different backgrounds or opinions gave me deeper understanding and more motivation.

Actually, I haven’t decided which way to go as a doctor. However, this program made me think about medicine from the different perspective of view than usual. Also, there was a new awareness about myself, and I have a feeling that I have realized what I should do. I believe that this experience will help me a lot in the future.

Finally, I really appreciate having such irreplaceable opportunity. By the grace of the professors, the staffs, and the participants of Campus Asia, my three-week stay in Korea was so wonderful and fruitful. I’d like to thank all of them. Thank you very much.

In terms of lab rotation, it was very interesting for me but I think it would be better if I could have chosen to visit more variety of laboratories in addition to public health department. As I wrote above, I’m thinking of several ways as a doctor, so I wanted to see and learn as many excellent facilities and studies of different department in Yonsei University as possible.