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Peking University Health Science Center
Qianzi Che
  • 방문대학 및 학과 Medical Law and Ethics, Yonsei University College of Medicine (Korea)
  • 방문기간 2017/08/06 ~ 2017/08/19

Summary About CAMPH Workshop

During my exchange period at CAMPH workshop, I have plenty of new experiences and beautiful memory. I will from three aspects to share my experiences: visiting and learning, international way of thinking and Korean food.

1. visiting and learning
During the workshop, I studied bioethics policy and medical laws in Korea. Since my major is epidemiology and biostatistics, I seldom have the chance to know this knowledge which is particularly meaning for us in the school. At the same time, I think it is very reasonable that workshop combine lecture classes with study tour. Every class teacher encouraged us to discuss and express our own view, while the study tour can solidify the knowledge we studied through the lecture. It’s the Korea Medical Dispute and Arbitration Agency that left me a deep impression. As a world-class institution for medical dispute resolution, the agency has found the way to relieve people from damage due to medical accident rapidly and fairly and develop stable treatment environment for medical personnel. In recent years medical disputes and medical trouble events happened a lot in China, which led to tension relationship between doctors and patients. This also created the "Medical alarm" and other ugly social phenomena, which severely affected the social harmony and stability. In my view it is necessary for China to establish a similar institution.

Another benefit in the workshop is learning Korean language. I have been a fan of Korean TV drama for a long time and always want to study Korean laguage. With the opportunity to study abroad, we had great chance learn some daily communication.

2. International way of thinking 
Through the experience that having lecture and tour with students and staff from Korea and Japan, we had a great chance to communicate with youth from different countries. I thought we might have some barrier because of the political conflicts. Actually we got on very well with each other. The workshop assisted us to develop positive relationships with others, understand a broader range of perspectives, therefore, we could develop the knowledge and skills needed for participation in the multicultural society.