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Peking University Health Science Center
Zhe Huang
  • 방문대학 및 학과 Medical Law and Ethics, Yonsei University College of Medicine (Korea)
  • 방문기간 2017/08/13 ~ 2017/08/19

Report/Personal presentation contents format

During this period, not only does this activity let me understand bioethics and law in Korea deeply, but it give an opportunity for us to touch and realize Korean culture from different aspects.

To be more specific, firstly, to protect patient’s safety and right, relatively complete health system and laws are established in Korea. On the one hand, Accreditation of Medical Institutions play a great role in guaranteeing patient’s safety by accrediting hospital level regarding number of bed and other facilities of hospital. What’s more, there are some policies and laws designed for protecting foreigners’ right and helping them to choose eligible hospital. On the other hand, relatively complete system and law had been established in Korea to deal with medical dispute. From compromise to mediation, and to arbitration, the whole process is full with fairness, professionalism and efficiency. Recent years, the relationship between doctor and patient is very strained even to opposite. The health and law system in China may be able to learn some experience form Korean pattern.

Secondly, some social and culture experience are also impressive. Korean language course is very helpful for us to understand Korean culture and to make some simple communication in some specific occasion such shopping in store. And other activity such as visiting DMZ and National Assembly, it provide a great chance for us to understand political system and situation which really broaden my horizon.

Previously, I only focus on the data, research design and analysis of my professional scientific study. After listening to the lecture about “Precision Medicine” in which Dr Kim put forward some issues about ethical problem of genetic research, as a future researcher of genetic epidemiology, I think I’m supposed to consider more about ethics issues in my future research. Furthermore, this program provide a great platform to experience different culture and research environment outside China, and that makes it possible and attractive for me to consider continuing my PhD career abroad.

I really appreciate organizer of CAMPUS Asia in Yonsei University for this extremely wonderful and colorful program, and this program is closed to perfection in general. But I think there might be some deficiencies could be improved for the future program. CAMPUS Asia is program between China, Japan and Korea, and I feel Chinese students had communicated with and exchanged ideas to Japanese students deeply and fully during this period, but it seems that there are few Korean students who participate in this program and communicate with us. Actually, I think it will be better that more Korean students can participate in this program all along. After all, as foreign students, we are really eager to exchange ideas with native students and we think native students might can help to enrich our after-class life.