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Program information for students visiting Japan and China from Yonsei
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Short term exchange
1 month
Credit exchange
3 ~ 6 months / 1 semester
For Master’s Degree: 1 year education at home institution and 1 year education at exchange university
  • Credit requirements for Master’s / Doctorate degrees at Yonsei University: 30 credits / 35 credits (respectively)
Annual/quarterly consultation for the number of selected exchange students, application conditions, degrees issued, degree requirements, and financial support are all based on the signed MOU & exchange agreement

Programs for invited students
(program curriculum for February 2017)

Osaka University
  • Observation of cohort research conducted in Osaka University Department of Public Health
  • Lecture courses for CAMPUS Asia program
  • CAMPUS Asia conference, symposiums, seminars, and external sessions, etc.
Peking University
  • Intensive Course
  • Research observation

Financial support

Outbound Osaka University Peking University
Scholarship Exemption of tuition for exchange university,
Monthly scholarship 80,000 JPY
Exemption of tuition for exchange university,
Monthly scholarship 300,000 KRW (by Yonsei University)
Accommodation Living expenses supported,
free breakfast & dinner offered at dormitory
Free on-campus accommodations
(Peking University Health Science Center Master Inn)
Flights tickets Ticket expense supported Ticket expense supported (by Yonsei University)
Internships - Kobe WHO Center
- National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Research Center
- Pharmaceutical & med-tech companies
- Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
- Institute of equivalent level with Korea International Vaccine Institute

* Above details are subject to change.

Selection criteria

Proof of English language ability
TOEFL iBT61, ILETS5.0, TOEIC 550 for short- or middle-term
TOEFL iBT80, ILETS6.0, TOEIC 740 for long-term
Selection Process
  • 01 Announcement to all departments in graduate school of medicine
  • 02 Submission of application documents
  • 03 Interview (for outbound) / review (for inbound), evaluated by evaluation by selection committee (3+faculty)
  • 04 Approval by education committee of medical and graduate schools
  • 05 Approval by joint faculty meetings of medical and graduate schools

Required documents

Osaka University (Japan)
Application form, Recommendation letter, Academic records/transcript, Motivation letter, Language certification, Copy of insurance (traveler's insurance), Copy of passport, Photo of ID card, Confirmation form for short-listed candidate

신청서 양식 다운로드
Peking University (China)
Application form, Copy of passport